Habit vs.Temptation

‘I never resist temptation because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me’  George Bernard Shaw
A lovely discussion around a connotation of  ‘temptation’ word emerged in the CPE-prep group last week. One of the best students came up with the entry from the LDOCE, supporting her idea that ‘temptation’ has a negative connotation anyway:

Which in tern acted as a springboard for a new discussion: whether temptation is always bad or it can be good like Jane’s example of a temptation to donate money for poor. On googling it I found a numbesr of entries, e.g. this. Then, it all made me think of a connotation issue again: I mean, whether we are able to come up with examples of connotative pairs here or wait for the end of the unit to revise it again? I do have some examples and you ;-)?

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