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See on – Mobile and Blended Learning The two teachers admit when they started flipping their classrooms they put everything into video form. Now, they’ve taken a step back and realized some things shouldn’t be in lecture form, and therefore shouldn’t be videos either. Instead, the two teachers have embraced what they call mastery […]

See on – Teacher Training & Development Switching from a traditional classroom to a flipped classroom can be daunting because there are a lack of effective models.  So, what should an effective flipped classroom look like?  In our experience, effective flipped classrooms share many of these characteristics: See on

See on – Mobile and Blended Learning The National Literary Trust studied almost 35,000 eight- to 16-year-olds. Its findings suggest a picture of young people who are now immersed in a screen-based culture. As well as social networking and browsing websites, the study indicates almost a third of youngsters read fiction on online devices. […]