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Available courses

Ludmila Sibileva's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE
  • Teacher: Ludmila Sibileva

Anna Shkurinova's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE
  • Teacher: Anna Shkurinova

Elena Yanaeva's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE
  • Teacher: Елена Янаева

Marina Pyanova's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE

Term paper
  • Teacher: Marina Pyanova

Nina Pecherskaya's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE
  • Teacher: Nina Pecherskaya

Olga Сhebotareva's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE

Our course will consist of 5 main blocks
  • Teacher: Ольга Чеботарева

Veronika Aleninovna Kolesnikova's Lobby

Category: Pilot RANE
  • Teacher: Veronika Kolesnikova

Manage Projects and Ensure a Safe Workplace


Retail Marketing

If working with people, products and money sounds exciting to you, explore the world of retail.  Get hands-on training in stocking pricing, cashiering, merchandising, and customer service. Come see what's in store! You can learn...stocking, inventory and display, sales and customer service skil…

Science Fair

Category: EAP
What is a Science Fair? A typical science fair is a collection of experiments done by students. Each experiment clearly demonstrates the steps of the scientific method that the student followed to complete the experiment. Science fair projects are usually done on your own (in small groups). The sci…

Speak: Elements of Fiction and Critical Lenses (8th-10th)

Category: EAP

This Language Arts unit is aimed at 9th grade and utilizes the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson to teach some elements of fiction and a few critical lenses.

Research stages

Category: EAP

A research unit which uses the book The Crucible.

Mini-Search Paper

Category: EAP

This unit is for a mini-search paper. Student write a short research paper using 2-3 sources in order to learn the basics of using citation and research skills.

Science Writing: Introduction to the Interactive Notebook

Category: Writing

Science Writing: Introduction to the Interactive Science Notebook. This course focuses on familiarizing students with the thinking levels and writing styles they will need to successfully complete their interactive notebooks in science.

This I Believe: Writing a Creative Personal Essay

Category: Writing
This is a high school Language Arts course which focuses on writing a creative personal essay based on the "This I Believe" radio series.Students will be led through a variety of interactive activities that guide them to an understanding of what a personal essay is, as well as support them through …

Coming Soon: Writing a Children's Book

Category: Writing
In this online unit, high school students work to create personalized children's stories for elementary students. The final products are presented on VoiceThread.

Writing Grammar

Category: Writing

This unit will introduce and reinforce grammar concepts.

Accommodations to Support Written Language

Category: Writing
This course is designed to provide information about accommodations available for students to use to complete written language components of curriculum and testing. It is designed to be informative, providing information on the array of available tools, provide video of individuals using tools and …

Advanced Composition for the Digital Age F12

Category: Writing
This Advanced Composition course is meant to prompt consideration and discussion about the history of communication and where things are going. How will we interact with the world around us which is changing faster than many people can keep up? What role does Education play in all of this? It also …